✉ My booking email: [email protected]
Before We Meet

Now that we’re at the finish line, let’s tie up the last of the loose ends! I trust that you have read every word of my website, especially the essential information.


Be sure to introduce yourself, when (and where) you would like to meet, and the length of our date that you have in mind. I shared with you quite a lot about myself, so tell me a bit about you.


Explicit or coded language will not be tolerated when contacting me. I am always happy to host.

Be mindful of personal hygiene prior to meeting. I expect to be greeted freshly showered and with fresh breath. If we dine and/or imbibe together, a re-freshening is expected as well.


For my safety and security, I require a mandatory screening process before meeting new friends.


You must provide at least two references from established providers whom you have seen withing the past six months. These providers must have websites and current ads. Be sure to provide their names, websites, email addresses, and when you last met in your email.


If you are completely new to seeing companions and I am your very first, I am flattered that you are interested in sharing this first time experience with me! In the event that you do not have references to provide, we can verify your employment instead. Upon contacting me, please provide your company name and contact information. We can schedule a phone call to your office using an alias of your choosing, or you can send me a blank email from your company email address. I have a professional alternate email that I can provide that is unlinked to my website or any ads. Linked-In alone will not suffice, although you may send me a screen-shot of the edit page of your profile for an additional method of verification.


*Advanced booking is highly recommended to allow enough time to complete screening and secure a deposit. Attempts to meet on short notice are rarely successful and have the potential to really throw off my day. That said, I can do my best to make it work but an additional fee may be expected for the last minute scrambling.*


Upon meeting, my consideration must be prepared before we meet and placed in an unsealed envelope that you will leave in plain view as it will not be discussed or confirmed over the phone or in person.